Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Layout make-over & brand new HB&SH blog!

You might have noticed that my blogging frequency this month has recently decreased from normal.  Did she go on vacation? Is that all she has to share about the wedding day? Is she done blogging? HECK NO!!! It's only just the beginning everyone....I am SO excited to finally officially announce my new HB&SH blog is up and running!

About half way through the wedding planning process, I kept coming up with tips & tricks I wanted to share with you in the health, beauty, and house projects areas.  Since my LL&K blog was alllll about planning our wedding, I decided to hold off on what I wanted to share outside of wedding talk and save it for a new blog I had been planning to start after the wedding when everything settled down.   Over the past month, I have been working hard on a blog geared towards my specialties: Health, Beauty & Sweet Homelife.  Where did I get that title from?

HBSH of course! I wanted my sister blog to this one to be a mega-blog combining anything and everything I had to talk about that didn't involve planning a wedding.  I was going to combine everything onto one blog, but decided to hold off on that so I could always link someone to my LL&K blog when they have specific wedding related questions.  So yup, you guessed it...I'm keeping this good 'ol blog you're staring at and updating it with any wedding info, updates, videos and PICTURES as I get them! BTW, pictures and video should be in any day now.  We are verrrrrry patiently and anxiously awaiting them and can't wait to share everything with you all.

In honor of the new blog, I have added a HB&SH picture button to this one, and also have linked this blog from the new one the same way.  You can find these buttons on the right side bar here:

Oh, that looks different you say? new HB&SH blog inspired me to completely re-do my LL&K layout and upgrade it with a new header, buttons and ways to follow me!  Go ahead, take a few scrolls and check it all out! :)

I'm very proud of my header handy work, and I've got to admit that I have really enjoyed piecing everything together exactly how I wanted it.  I've downloaded fonts, buttons, squiggly lines and researched exactly how to do some of my own web design.  Have specific questions on how I did it?  Send me an e-mail on my Contact Me page of my HB&SH blog!

Also, I've made it very easy for you to search my posts by subject, find me on facebook, and subscribe to my posts via e-mail! And, just for fun put a new button for you to view my new gallery online.  You can find all of this on my new handy left side bar! Check it out:

Since I decided to keep my LL&K blog so everything would be in one place for the wedding planning category, I also wanted to change the title from "LL& planning to be a MRS" to "LL&K...first miss now MRS."  I thought it was appropriate since my name has changed, and at the same time let's readers know I have already been through the wedding planning process.  For now, my posting on this blog will probably be minimal, until I get my hands on all of the pictures & video from the wedding...

Until then, I invite you to follow my new pride & joy:
Health, Beauty & Sweet Homelife.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts or comments below...
Happy Reading!


Tonya said...

I love the new blog title. such a catchy phrase!!! I'm excited to start following you there as well. I know you'll have fabulous ideas, tips and tricks!

Anonymous said...

Any help/suggestions with the Thank you cards?

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

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