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First comes the dress, then comes the...bridesmaids dresses?

We all know the story of my comes another exciting task of picking out a dress for my beautiful bridesmaids! Before we get to that, let me just say picking your bridal party is not as easy as it seems! Before we got engaged, and I'm talking probably YEARS ago - I knew exactly who I wanted to share my BIG DAY with right by my side.  I knew the girls I could depend on were ones I've grown up with, love like family, and share a special bond with.  Now the only problem I could think of was one...

How many girls SHOULD you have in your Bridal Party?

Me and C at her wedding!
So far, I have been in 4 weddings (...and counting), and the average Bridal Party I would say is about 6, including a Maid of Honor.  Now, my friend C had 8 beautiful bridesmaids AND 3 Jr. Bridesmaids, which makes that 11 total on her side alone. Being a part of that, I got to experience what a larger bridal party is like.  I remember thinking it was a bit large, but I knew she loved each and every one of us! I tried and tried for weeks after we got engaged to narrow my party down to 6, or even 7, or 8, but IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE!!! How do you cut your bridesmaid list?! These are the girls you love like your sisters, who have been there for you since before you even met your groom, through sleepovers, braces, bad hair days, and life changing I have finally decided to have the lovely large number of 9 in my wedding.  Yup, 9!!!

Me and my sister, Matron-of-Honor!
After debating back and forth with my groom, parents, close friends, and family, I had a heart to heart with C, and she gave me the best advice I could have asked for.  When you're freaking out about the bridesmaid number in your wedding, just ask yourself the following questions:
  • Who do I want by my side when I'm saying my wedding vows?
  • Who do I want with me getting ready and in my pictures on the BIG DAY?
  • Who would I NOT want to see sitting in the congregation when I'm at the altar, as opposed to right by my side??
  • Who would I regret NOT asking, 10 years from now?
After answering all of these questions, I knew exactly what I was going to do.  Tell the big, happy, beautiful group of 9 bridesmaids! Without a doubt, there was no question in my mind that I wanted ALL of these girls right next to me on my BIG DAY.  Whether a wedding party of 9 girls, 9 guys, 1 bride and 1 groom looks like a wedding photo, or a mob...I don't care! It's MY day, and I want to share it with the ones I LOVE! :)
Me, Britty Bear, and Miss Mouse!
So, brides-to-be, I hope this tid-bit of advice helps you, as it did for me.  If you're trying your hardest to cut your number down to lower costs, get less people in your photos because you think it will look better, or are considering leaving out people who live out-of-state, ask yourself those questions.  One of my bridesmaids lives in NY, and not only that, she is currently touring around FL performing in the Rockettes! Now, you tell me how much time she has to help me plan my wedding?! Clearly, not much...but WHO CARES? That's my job, my mom's job, my groom's job, and my wedding coordinator's job! If someone living in another city or state is the deciding factor on whether you are going to ask them to be in your wedding or not, that's silly.
Me and LHG, one of my besties!
LHG is one of my best friends, and has even lived with me for years at a time back in the day.  I know I could call her at any time of any day, and she would be just that - a phone call away.  I know she will do whatever it takes to be a part of my special matter what the cost or travel time involved.   
Me and Meg at her wedding!
 I feel so lucky to have these 9 girls by my side and close enough to call my true best friends throughout the years.  Each one of them has been my best friend at one point in my life or another, and I am so blessed to have remained just as close to every one in some cases, 23 years later!

KDO, HM, Hess, Me, and Ash!
As for the Bridal dress...

I had been searching online and in stores pretty much since the day I found MY dress! I knew it was going to be an important choice, as I know this is going to be THE dress next to MY dress in all of the photos! I finally compiled a few photos, and narrowed my pic down to 5 dresses.

My main goal in finding the perfect bridesmaid dress was for it to do the 2 following things: fit within a reasonable budget, and be a part of the girls' wardrobe as something they ACTUALLY will wear again! Now, I know it's cliche to say, but this was truly one of the biggest things for me.  Being in the bridesmaid's shoes before...I know that if I'm going to spend about $200 on a dress, I want it to be wearable again. 

After getting opinions from my MOH (Matron-of-Honor), my mom, and a few of the girls, we finally decided on THE ONE! Keeping with tradition, I am not going to post a picture of it on here until after the wedding, but I can tell you it's absolutely adorable.  So cute, I am actually jealous I can't get one! ;)

When picking a bridesmaid dress, you can definitely get overwhelmed quickly.

Try the following tips, which proved to work out for me in the end:
  • Does the dress you want your girls to wear compliment YOUR dress? (fabric, style, color scheme, pattern(s)? Remember, they will be next to you the entire day!
  • Is the price of your dress reasonable? Keep in mind, not only are your bridesmaids going to pick up the cost of their dress, they still need to pay to get it altered, find shoes if you haven't picked some out for them, and also will be contributing to numerous events and celebrations along the way!
  • Would YOU wear this dress again? Really...Would you?!
Luckily, my bridal party dress fits all of the above, and I can't wait to see the girls in it!  Thanks, ladies for ordering it and making it officially on the way to the Bridal Shop!

Only 265 days left!
Until next time...


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