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Being a Maid of Honor - The Britt Wedding!

I know I mentioned it briefly in my post about being a bridesmaid 5 times in the last 2 years, but this blog is specifically going through my journey as a C-MOH (or Co-Maid of Honor) to my wonderful, life-long friend, Britty Bear!

*Disclaimer, she got married in early November, and this post is LONG overdue!! I just didn't want to rush it and wanted to give it enough time to make it right... :)

When asked to be a C-MOH, along with my other life-long friend, Missy Mouse, I was truly honored to accept the role in my friend's wedding.  At first, I felt a little overwhelmed since I had 2 other weddings before hers to stand as a bridesmaid in...but all I could do what was in my heart, and that was be there for all of my friends who were getting married. Weddings can get SUPER expensive to be a part of, but what matters more than the struggles through all of the overwhelming feelings and expenses, is that you are there for your friend, through the entire process of one of the most important days of their lives.  I have been a bridesmaid before, but I had never had the privilege of a MOH duty until this day my friend Britty asked me to be hers!  She just got married last month and has also moved across the country to AZ to start her new life out there with her husband.  It still hasn't all the way hit me yet that she's really gone, but she will HAVE to come back next summer to be in my wedding! Needless to say, I was pretty emotional to say the least on the day she became a Mrs.

From day 1, MM and I wanted to give BB the wedding shower and celebrations she deserves on such a monumental event!  We brainstormed through dozens of e-mails, phone calls, and dinner dates about how exactly to give her a bridal shower, bachelorette party, and extra touches to make this entire process an unforgettable one.  Finally, we decided on the perfect venue for her.  We had and Bridal Shower Brunch at a great spot on Park Avenue in Winter Park called Park Plaza Gardens.  It was a small and intimate group, so we wanted to treat her to something out of the ordinary, and not just have a few girls meet at one of our houses.  So we got to work, made a check list of things to do and made it happen.

MM and I had already decided that we wanted to give Britty some kind of scrap book for her wedding gift, since she was moving away, so we hired my good friend Lauren to take shots of the day and create some great photos to use for us.  I can't express how wonderful and special the day turned out.  It wasn't even my day, but I got teary a few times and was just soaking it all in.  Lauren went above and beyond what I could have ever asked for, and I think you would agree:

Britt looking Beautiful! :)

Favors, Cupcakes, Flowers, and Poem about the couple!

Bridal Shower Ladies!

Bridal Party holding the Bride!
She's an amazing photographer, check her website out if you're ever interested in hiring her for your special occasion!

Britty truly enjoyed herself and appreciated the work the bridesmaids all did for her. We even wrote her a Bridal Brunch Poem and made name cards for everyone.  It was so nice to take a day away from the stress of planning a wedding, and the stress that gets into our everyday lives and just enjoy being girls enjoying brunch with the bride.

After the shower was over, it was time to celebrate the bride with a bachelorette weekend.  We didn't tell Britt where we were going, and just picked her up for the planned weekend with everything we told her to bring.  Miss and I decided on bringing her to Tampa for the weekend to relax, have some fun, and have some girl time before she moved away.  The weekend turned into a great opportunity for all of the bridesmaids to bond, as well as spend some QT with the bride!

I would say we're ready for a great weekend, wouldn't you?!'

Britt Bridal Party lounging by the pool
Bachelorette Party - Ready for a FUN night out!
Britt's breaking in her LV's...SO CUTE!

So there we were, we survived the Bachelorette weekend, and now it was only 3 weeks until the wedding! I'm sure Britt was swamped with things to do...even though she had been a great planner thus far.  To help relieve some of the stress from planning the wedding, she wanted to have a Bridal Pedi Party the weekend before the wedding, and I completely agreed that was necessary!!!  We enjoyed an afternoon of wine, appetizers, and pedicures - what more could you want the Sunday afternoon before your wedding with your favorite girls?

Bride to be - calm and relaxed like she should be!
3 Muskateers ready for Britt's BIG DAY to get here!

Pretty Purple Toes - to match our bridesmaid shoes of course!

So the toes were set and the venue was ready....we couldn't wait for Friday to come, but before it did - we had Britt's rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  She was having her wedding at the Grand Bohemian in downtown Orlando and the site was absolutely beautiful.  Oh, and if you are a Maid of Honor - sidenote - don't forget your duties before the big day include bringing a practice bouquet for the Bride to hold down the isle.  Seems cheesy, but I'm sure she felt special holding it, and I almost forgot! 

Britt and her Groom!

Britt and her dad walking down the isle :)

Bride and Groom with their Flower Girl and Jr. Bridesmaid!
The rehearsal went great.  Everything ran smoothly and I could see the vision of the wedding unfolding.  She was going to have a beautiful ceremony and reception and I couldn't wait! So, we headed off to the rehearsal dinner for some yummy food and the bridesmaids called it "a night".  Or, we did according to Britt.  What she didn't know is that we had already planned to come together after the dinner to put together a scrapbook together of her journey of becoming a MRS.  She means so much to us all, and we knew she would be moving away within a few days so we wanted her to hold on to something she can always look at when she misses us.

Bridesmaids hard at work for our Bride - scrapbook complete! :)

Nov. 5, 2010

The WEDDING DAY is finally here!  I have to say, I started out the day cool, calm, and collected, but on my drive over to the hotel I couldn't help but get teary.  I had so many emotions come over me all at once...

I have known Britt since I was 3 years old and today was the day she was getting married.  It would no longer just be the 3 of us, but now there will be 4.  One day there will be 6 of us, and she is starting the growth of our group.  I was so happy for her and couldn't wait to be by her side on one of the happiest days of her life, but those happy thoughts got overcome by sadness right after - I realized in 2 short days Britt will move to Arizona.  I knew she was moving, but I feel like we were so distracted with the wedding that it didn't really hit me until this day.  I knew that might be the last weekend I see my friend before she comes back to FL for my wedding festivities and that made me very sad! :(

So, I calmed myself, pulled myself together, and drove up to the hotel with a big smile on my face.  Today I had to be a big girl and get my bride excited for the BIG DAY!!!!!

We showed up in the late morning to allow enough time to get ready.  The day was filled with pampering, snacks, mimosas, and toasts.  She had a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception, and I will try to keep the photos to a minimum, but it's going to be challenging!  Love you Britt, you looked absolutely STUNNING!

Britt Bridal Party, Jr. Bridesmaid & Flowergirl! <3

Britt opening our wedding gift to her, the scrapbook!

Our very cute and re-wearable purple shoes and bouquet!

CHEERS to a beautiful Bride on her BIG DAY!

LOVED her dress and her personalized hanger!
Loved my Bride, we are ready to GO! Isn't she beautiful?
Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately for you for the excess amount of picture posting on this one) I left the camera upstairs for the remainder of the night, but everything turned out absolutely perfect.  All of her hard work and planning paid off and she has so many great memories and pictures to look at in her new life in Arizona.  I think it took about a week to finally set in that she is no longer living in Florida, and man was that day HARD!  We didn't get to spend as much time as we would have liked when she lived here, but now it's almost impossible to get together.  I always go to call her to see when we can meet for a catch-up brunch...but I soon realize that would involve a lot more than writing in in our calendars.  I need to talk Mr. Hess into getting me an iPhone 4 so we can facetime I suppose.... ;)

To a beautiful bride, best friend, and life-long sister....Britt.  You are an amazing person, and I miss you more than you know.  You have always been there throughout the years and I can't wait to have you by my side on my big day.  THANK YOU for choosing Miss and I to be your Maids of Honor - it was truly an honor to do it.  It has been my only experience leading the way (with Miss), and I thoroughly enjoyed helping you plan every bit of your special day.  I know you're only a phone call away, and I miss knowing you are a phone call right down the road...but I am so happy for you.  You have a wonderful start to a new life with your husband and I can't wait to come visit you!

3 Muskateers Forever! ;)

Presh aka HB 

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