Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cake Tasting...we're on a mission!

Today was a day I've always looked forward to ever since we got engaged.  Actually, going cake tasting is something I've been looking forward to since I can remember!  Ever since I was a little girl, I have anticipated what MY wedding cake will look like.  Well, today I actually got to find out!  And I must say, dedicating an entire afternoon to eating cake and picking our colors to and styles for your cake to match your wedding can be pretty fun!!!

Excited to be there and hoping to find the cake we want!
So we started the hunt to find our cake maker this afternoon by going to Party Flavors.  Their shop is pretty cool, filled with all different shapes and kinds of cakes! We spent a good 10 minutes just walking around and looking at everything.  We went into our consultation not really knowing what we were looking for.  We know our wedding theme is more on the contemporary side, so we knew we wanted our cake to be fun and colorful, but that's about it!

Mr. Hess thinks this cake looks YUMMY!
Which flavors to choose? They're ALL yummy! Seriously.
From Amaretto to Marble Cake, Double Chocolate to Carrot Cake - I really loved every single cake we tried.  It was getting harder and harder to choose what we wanted! Luckily, by the end of the meeting we had our flavors picked and a sketch! A sketch of a cake both Mr. Hess and I LOVE!!!! From the look of each tier, to the flavor of each piece, to the cake topper - THIS was the cake for our wedding!!!! Absolutely LOVED IT! There's just one problem - the cake we want is literally twice the amount of money we budgeted for.  OUCH!!!! So we left the shop, inspired and thrilled that at least we know what we want, but also a little let down that we apparently have expensive taste.  I took my sketch, and hoped the next meeting would go just as well with a little less $$$ as a final result...here's hoping:


Here's that picture of the amazing cake we saw that was inspired from Alice in Wonderland:
I'm pretty sure Mr. Hess would pick this cake for our wedding if he could!
So there we were, on our way to the second cake tasting of the day.  Super pumped and convinced our second quote would be considerably lower, we arrived at our meeting place a little early to grab a bite to eat.  I know I know - we were going to eat cake, but there's ALWAYS room for that! We got a bit of a late start because she was running behind, and we decided not to tell her we already got a sketch of what we're looking for because we wanted to see what she could come up with too!

We talked about colors, shape, size and she came up with a design just as cool.  I'm not in love with the cake as much as the first one, but it was gorgeous and I would take it as my wedding cake anyways!  Feeling good and from what I've heard, she is very affordable, so I was hopeful and anticipated the end result in what price we're looking at...then dun nuh nuh...there it was - and OVER our budget again - wayyyyy over our budget.  What the heck?! I budgeted a fair amount, almost $200 over what I WANTED to pay....and this was almost double that THAT! I really can't believe how expensive a wedding cake can be!  I guess contemporary and unique, trendy designs come with a price.

So, we still have some more work to do on this.  I'm really glad we got to do some tastings and meet with 2 cake bakers today.  But, the hunt for a wedding cake continues...I'll leave you with this video that pretty much sums up the rest.  And oh yeah, I'm pretty sure we were both on a sugar high from all of the different cakes and icings we tried (especially my co-star!) AHHHHH! :)

Yeah, we were a bit ridiculous.

I must say, even though the day turned out to be a little bit of a let down at the end, we learned a lot from it.  We have an idea of what we want, and we are determined to get it - in budget.  If you know of any great cake makers in Central FL, send the info on over...I would love to keep trying to find a cake we LOVE that fits in our budget! :)
219 days and counting...

Until next time bloggers!

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