Saturday, January 22, 2011


Can't believe TODAY is the 6 MONTH MARK!!!!!!! 

I know everyone says it - but this time counting down to the BIG DAY is just flying by!

1.22.2011 marks 6 months until I become Mrs. Hess - and I couldn't be more excited about it!  Besides today being an incredibly loooooooooooong day at work (both jobs) the thought that there is only 6 months left to plan is both overwhelming and exciting at the same time!

I just spoke to my friends Britt and Ash recently, which Britt just got married last November and Ash is getting married a month before me - and I keep saying the same thing....I'm trying so hard to stay on task and get my monthly list checked off of things on our "TO-DO" List, but I can't wait for the day to just get here already!  I'm ready for all of the planning to be set and perfectly put together, and to see the results of what we have been working so hard on for the last 5 months! I'm trying not to stress out, but it's difficult to not feel overwhelmed at times.  SO - on that note, I am going to take a deep breath: WOOOOOSSSSSAAAAAA! And check number one for this part of our planning off, as I AM SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE is DONE!!!! :)

What is this phenomenal task you ask?...

OH, my RING?! It's officially PAID OFF!!! :) :) :)

CAN'T EXPLAIN THE FEELING this gives me, such a sigh of relief.  Now, Mr. Hess and I can actually put money away to save on the wedding and not save it for something we already owe on.  And, by the way did I ever post a picture of this thing? I have to say, Mr. Hess truly impressed me with this one, and this isn't the best picture - but I'm sure you'll see more of it down the road:

Not really the clearest of pictures, considering its' from my phone - but it works!

I'm sure I could do an entire post about my ring one of these days - when I get pictures of it that do it justice.  But, needless to say I AM SO EXCITED out of everything we did this past month, that we accomplished this task!

Also, I'm proud of what we've done since the "7 MONTHS TO GO" mark.  Since then, we have:
  • Met with a DJ/Lighting company that I LOVE - close to booking them.
  • Took our Engagement Photos, and just 2 days ago officially decided to purchase the CD with the rights to ALL of them - this was not an easy desicion, but well worth it.  And, that I might add this is ALSO paid for! :)
  • Ordered our SAVE THE DATES! (WITH addresses!), and paid for!
  • Took my family to see our venue, and they LOVED it!
  • Did an incredible amount of work on our website - it is about 90% ready to go! CAN'T WAIT to release it!!!
  • Bought a NEW CAR! I get her will see a post on this very soon, I'm sure!
  • Took in an amazing stray Puppy, YES, that's right - we're KEEPING HIM!
  • Designed and practically ordered all of my bridesmaids' gifts.  (Not giving too many details about this one)... ;)
  • Put my dress, my shoes, and my BIG DAY accessories all in one spot at my Mom's for safe keeping! I could do an entire blog post about this alone....but I'll save the element of surprise for later...
  • Booked 2 trips to travel with Mr. Hess for work - hey, we've got to get away from all the planning and stress somehow right? I think this will be a great (and almost paid for) way to do it! :)
  • Set up an appointment to look at a warehouse full of stuff to decorate our venue with!  After this meeting (next Friday), I will have a lot better of an idea of what our space will look like.  Not to mention, this will help us order our tables and chairs!
  • Started browsing for invitations.

And the list goes on and on and on...It's funny, somebody asked me the other day - "Are you just constantly doing wedding stuff at all hours of the day, all day long?" Well, my answer to them was "Yes, absolutely."  With an iPhone, you can get e-mail after e-mail, browse the Internet and keep track of a budget wherever you go - what do you think I'm doing?  When I'm driving - all I can think about is what I need to do when I go home.  When I'm working, all people want to do is ask me how everything is going...needless to say this wedding is basically on my mind 24/7! Not like that's a bad thing...

So, that's my 6 MONTHS TO GO update!  Good news is, January isn't quite over yet, because there's still some things I need to get checked off...but we're getting there!  Until then, enjoying this time while I can...


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