Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bride (& Groom) Hangers!

So, most of you know by now that I was in my dear friend Britt's wedding last November.  Not only did she do an amazing job staying organized and planning her wedding, she has steered me in the right direction in so many different ways!  One thing she showed me when it was almost time for her wedding was the MOST ADORABLE wedding hanger.  Naturally, as soon as I saw this I wanted to order one of these for myself the same day!

I thought about it, and because I am going to have it say my future Mrs. name, I'm not going to post an actual picture of it.  But, I decided to share anyways, because these things are just SO darn cute!!!

Well, one thing I was worried about and asked myself was, what about if the dress is heavy?  Will wire really hold the dress?  The wire hangers will supposedly hold a wedding dress for up to a few days, but will not be good to store on long term.  Great for a photo opp, but I wasn't sure if wire was the way to go because of this reason.  After researching more, I found a few different versions of it:

OR, you could even get a fun color accent to go with your wedding:

So after seeing these, it is clear that I will be ordering one.  Also, these would make great bridesmaid gifts!  I didn't order these for my girls, and if I did I wouldn't have posted it on here because they frequent my blog page - but I found something completely different and special for them already.  But look how cute this could be if you don't have an idea what to get your girls:

I'm not sure which one I personally will go for, but it looks like I'm leaning towards the PINK or wood!  I showed Mr. Hess these hangers, and now he wants to get a Groom hanger in blue for him.  Or maybe they have one in the wedding color he got to pick?  Look for a few Wedding Hints from now to see what colors we chose to decorate our big day with! 

My personal fav is the complete wire, but I would hate for it not to be able to hold the dress of my dreams!  Any suggestions?!

For more wedding dress hangers or ideas, try the website I pulled these from:

195 days to go....

Until next time!

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