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Drumroll please......


Funny story about this, I have literally been working on this since before we got engaged.  Call me crazy (we all know the story about my wedding dress)...but I knew Mr. Hess was going to propose sooner than later.  Being the planner I am, (and clearly you can tell by this site alone that I AM), I like to get the ball rolling on things when I think something might take a lot of personal touches, or extra time on.  So, I jumped online and started researching wedding websites.  I looked at site after site, and finally I found EXACTLY what I was looking for.

I know you can customize pretty much any kind of webpage these days, but I was looking for a website that I could customize every little detail to fit the style of what Mr. Hess and I are going for!  And, believe you me - did THAT take some time.  But, alas, she is done and up and running!

I told you before in my February Video Update, I can give you a preview or sneak peak of what the site looks like, but I will not share the actual website with you, for the sake of privacy.  I can, however provide you with plenty of screen shots to give you visuals of what I'm talking about!

To start, I need to share the fabulous wedding website I found after searching and searching for the perfect style for us:

It's seriously the best wedding website I've seen out there yet.  Not only is it our official website page, but it offers organizational tools like a budget calculator, check lists, guest address lists, RSVP organizer, and more!  I have to admit that this baby was NOT free, but honestly - it was a purchase well worth it.  There are SO many different layouts, styles, customizations, page options, colors, fonts, pictures, and the list goes ON and ON! I can't tell you how many hours Mr. Hess and I put into this site to make it perfect for us.  As soon as we found a theme for the site, we would think about it for a few days and change it again.  We ended up with what you see below as our final decisions for layout. The theme, colors, and style is a mix and match of EVERYTHING - a change of every color possible, a customized photo everywhere possible, additions of pages, music downloads, link uploads, and again, the list goes ON and ON!

I have to say, I never thought of myself as the website connoisseur, but after the experience of putting this blog and wedding website together, I am pretty proud of myself for figuring it all out! :)

So without further a due, I introduce to you the HBSH Wedding Website!!!!!

Intro Page - the gray flower background moves across the back!

Homepage! Couldn't fit the entire page with text, but you get the idea!

Like I said, we customized EVERYTHING...even the 4 picture blocks on the right...since there were 4 blocks we could change, out of nowhere one day it hit me to spell out the letters L-O-V-E.  Notice that the "O" is the picture of Mr. Hess and I's hands forming a heart!

Pretty fun huh? I know I spent wayyyy to much time on this, but I really enjoyed every part of putting it together!  Like most wedding websites, we got an opportunity to share lots of personal information our guests might not necessarily know about us including Our Story and details of how we met:

I don't even know if I've shared THAT story on here, but I'm sure a post about that will come one of these days!  Right now, there's too much wedding info to share!  The purpose of wedding websites is to share more than just personal information.  It's a place for guests (especially out of towners) to get all of the information they would need to travel to your wedding destination!  Here, we have listed not only information about the ceremony and reception sites, but also directions, accommodation ideas and local activities in Orlando! 

Something that was an absolute MUST to share on our site was this blog page with everyone - shoutout to, whoop whoop!

One of my FAVORITE parts about this site, is the MUSIC!  I got to hand pick and download mp3s to upload on our website playlist.  This alone took a day or two for me to figure out, but I absolutely LOVE it.  The music plays right away when you open the site, and rotates through 5 of our favorite songs.  If you want to pause, go back or jump to the next song you have full control on the bottom of the page! 

And, sidenote - for THIS blog page I took off the autoplay for the songs.  The main reason is, I got feedback from visitors saying they had trouble pausing the songs to hear the video posts.  The songs are still there and if you'd like to hear the playlist as you read, simply click on the mixpod Ipod "play" button on the top right of the blogpage!!! Voila!

 Now back to the website...
I could honestly show you a picture of every single page of this thing, but I'm going to stop boring you and save the last picture for something FUN! A puzzle for our guests to figure out while they enjoy the site!  I've never seen a "Fun and Games" page on a wedding website before, so of course I had to utilize this one!

It's on the easy setting, but you can change the level and type of puzzle!

I'm sure you can tell by now, how freaking excited I am about our site.  FINALLY, after 6 months of working on it our wedding website project is DONE!!!  In a way, I feel like a proud momma sharing my baby with the world - because that's how much time and effort I've put into it!  No, but on a serious note - now I can actually spend my nights doing some REAL planning now that it's out of the way! 

So that's our HBSH Wedding Website! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! If you have any questions about, ask!
161 days and counting...

Until next time,

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