Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Honeymoon Album!

First of all, today is a very important day because it's

I know I've mentioned it before on this blog, but this year Mr. Hess and I decided to take a step away from getting each other gifts for the big holidays for two reasons: 1) We want to SAVE as much money possible for our big day! and 2) We will be getting enough gifts for each other during this entire process of planning our wedding!

So, here came VALENTINES DAY!  I have always like this day, but this year it felt a little different because I worked 2 jobs, and also won't get to see Mr. Hess the entire day until about 10:30pm...BOO!  But, I made the best of it, got him a sweet card, sweetheart heart chocolate cake and flowers that are in the colors of our wedding! :) Nothing crazy...but enough to know I care, right?

This picture was taken I actually got to wrap it up for Mr. Hess!
Well, even though we decided not to get "gifts" for each other, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a picture album I have been eyeing at Hallmark ever since we got engaged!  It is an instant scrapbook and can turn all of your pictures into a hand made looking scrapbook in no time!  I have always enjoyed the idea of scrapbooking but can never seem to find the time, money, or energy to really put something cute together so when I saw THIS it clearly my name all over it...


I talk alllll about it in the video below, but realized afterward that I didn't emphasize enough about how much I truly love the stickers that come with it! SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!!! The pages have little shapes on every few pages made especially for a sticker with text in a certain shape, and you just pick the sticker that seems to fit you and your picture the best.  Like I explain in the video - I found a very similar instant scrapbook album for my friend Britt, who got married last year - and I knew after I put that one together this was an absolute MUST HAVE purchase for our special trip!  You can find any of these instant albums in the Memory Keeping section of any Hallmark store, or even from - but you're going to pay more if you order it online.  Check it out:

Here is a picture of the "before the I DO" wedding album the bridesmaids and I got Britt to document everything from her Engagement Party to her BIG DAY!

I was SO excited with how this album turned out, and I know the other bridesmaids would agree!  Here we are, with our finished album..ready to give to the Bride!

Britt opening her "before the I DO" album from us!
So you can see my excitement to put this baby together!!!!! First, we have to have a wedding, and then the honeymoon...but still! I'm SO excited to see how the next one turns out! :)

Oh and like I mentioned on my video, my friend Lauren is AMAZING capturing candid shots and is a very talented photographer.  We hired her for Britt's bridal shower, but also my friend Ash just booked her for 2 more Bridal Showers coming up...and a little birdie told me she might make an appearance at mine too! ;) Check out her work, and please feel free to contact her if you're interested in doing a session or booking her for a private party of yours!

Hope you like your V-DAY present Mr. Hess...I sure do!!!!


Until next time,

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