Sunday, February 6, 2011

Save the Dates - CHECK!!!

OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!! What I'm about to write, I have been dreaming about writing for the last few months, and I am SO HAPPY to announce that our...
Save the Dates are IN THE MAIL!!!!!!

Those babies have been on our monthly 'TO-DO" list for quite some time now and it feels so good to actually get that one CHECKED OFF!!!!!! :) :) :)

Well, the first step to getting these done was to get our Engagement Photos taken, and that alone was so hard to schedule and get in the books with our photographer.  We ended up getting those done just a month ago - so I'm proud to say within a month we have taken our photos, picked out our "Save the Date Photo", then ordered, put together, and mailed out our Save the Dates! Pretty impressive if you ask me!  Now, I'm not going to show an entire picture of how they turned out until I know that everyone who is supposed to get one in their mailbox has seen it that might take a little while.  But, I was SO EXCITED to get these done, I just couldn't wait to share with you all the big news!

Mr. Hess has been out of town for work a lot since the New Year, so I have been taking those nights he is away to my advantage by hopping on my computer and knocking some wedding stuff out.  This weekend's project was Save the Dates and our wedding website and believe me, neither of these fall into the "quick and easy task" category.  Knowing this, I took a deep breath and set up shop in front of our TiVo, my loooong lost friend. I got to catch up on some of my favorite shows while I put them together and let's just say I got through 2 Grey's Anatomy episodes, this week's SNL, and 2 Jersey Shore episodes (YUP, it really is like a train wreck but who can resist?) before I could officially say I was done - that's A LOOOONG TIME!!! But, I was determined and pushed through the neck aches and finger cramps so I could gladly brush my hands off and drop these puppies off in our mailbox to go out first thing Monday morning!

Here is a Sneak Preview of our Save the Dates:

For the sake of privacy to our guests, I decided to cut out our logo and set it on the envelope to cover where the recipient's address is! That should explain why they look like they do in this picture.  Obviously, in real life we got the addresses printed on the envelopes, (which by the way was worth EVERY extra penny!) Having them sent over to us already pre-addressed has been one of my best desicions yet.  Now, we already have our guest list and addresses ready and uploaded for our invitations, BONUS!

Special thanks going out to my support team who stuck by my side while I put the man hours in to get these things done!  Aspen was ALL over these, I was afraid she was going to crinkle them...but obviously lost that battle for her to get off of them:

And then there's the puppy.  He really just wants to be where we are at all times, and is SO precious.  Thanks for the help buddy!

OH - and invitation update!  This coming Wednesday, Mr. Hess and I are BOTH going to meet with our invitations lady I met with last week to show her pictures of what we want and go over design ideas. SO EXCITED to get that ball rolling...because that's an entire other bear to conquer!

Can't wait to show you the real photo of patient friends! :)

166 days to go!!!!


Pamela said...

Help me out here, Heather....the envelopes were pre-addressed and all you had to do was stuff and stamp them? What took you so long?? ;-)

Missy said...

So... now I see the real reason you declined the Super Bowl/housewarming shindig invitation lol

Precious Betty said...

HAHA...Missy - yes and no. Good news is, this activity allowed pajamas and no make-up, superbowl party did not! Pamela, it took so long because I put the magnets together and attached it to a holder, stuffed, and stamped, but there were so many of them! Plus - I went through each one trying to see who I thought would actually make the trip down, or come to our wedding to get a ballpark head count! I know shouldn't have taken that long...but I'm such a perfectionist! ;)


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