Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedding Ring BLING!

Well, today did not start out with the best of mornings...I have had to deal with a lot of stuff from my accident back in December, and it looks like today will not be the end of it either.  Accidents can get very complicated and very emotional, and it's something you may never get over.  Mr. Hess has supported me through this entire process and will continue to stick by my side for the rest of our lives, and he definitely proved that this morning.

On a lighter note, he also knows JUST how to cheer me up and make me feel better: Taking me to go look for our WEDDING RINGS!!!!! On our way to the mall, hearing the words come out of my mouth that we were going to look for our actual "wedding rings" turned this girl's frown upside down in no time!  This has been something I have been looking forward to ever since I saw my engagement ring, and goes wayyyyy back into my dreams as a young know what I'm talking about here ladies...we've all had the picture of our "perfect day" dating back to the elementary school years, and this definitely includes what my ring(s) would look like!

Now, I'm not saying that my taste hasn't changed since the age of 8, but I can say I get to live a little bit of the dream every day planning our BIG DAY! Mr. Hess did a really good job at picking out such a unique engagement ring for me, and I'm learning just how unique it is every time we go into a store and look for our bands.  It has a double strand of diamonds on each side of the 2 baguettes that hold the main diamond, so it has been very challenging to find the perfect wedding band to compliment it without taking away from the original ring.  If you ask Mr. Hess, he says he did this on purpose so that I wouldn't need a wedding band at all.  Well, tough luck buddy, because I believe in the meaning behind the wedding band and want that extra ring closest to my heart on my wedding day.  I love what having the rings together symbolizes and I wouldn't want it any other way.

I've gotten my ring cleaned several times at the jewlers Mr. Hess purchased my engagement ring from, and found several different options that would work for me there, but this is the first time we have actually gone to look together at rings and I was in the best mood EVER!!!!!!

We went to about 5 or 6 jewelery stores in the mall, and I found a few similar rings for me at each store...but of course I have my FAVORITE!  It's from Tiffany & Co. (go figure) and it is as traditional as a string of thin diamonds can get as far as bands go.  Anyone who's asked me knows exactly what I'm looking for - a small band of diamonds that compliments MY ring without overpowering it - so I'm pretty sure you can figure out a good idea of what my wedding band will look like...and for this reason only I'm going to show you all what it is because I am SO excited to finally find one the compliments my challenge of an engagement ring:

It was the first one I saw that actually looked MADE to compliment my ring!

You can imagine my excitement when I tried this baby on!  And the best part about it all?! It's within the SAME exact price range as rings very similar from other jewelers that I felt would just simply "work" with my ring.  At first, we didn't even want to walk into Tiffany's because every time I do, I see something I want and then see that I would be paying 3 times as much if I purchased something similar from somewhere else, but luckily for once (and maybe the MOST IMPORTANT time ever!) this was not the case!!!!! YAYYYY!!!!!!! This ring in particular just came out and will be available in my size in mid-April.  I wanted to hug the guy when he told me the good I feel like I am SO close to buying MY ring!  Now we're on the mission to find one for Mr. Hess...

So many options and so many stores to choose from! What to do?!

I found out very quickly today that we both agreed what my ring should look like but had absolutely NO IDEA about what we wanted Mr. Hess's ring to look like.  Traditional?  Trendy? Plain? Embellished with diamonds?  White Gold/Platinum/Titanium? The questions for this seem endless!  We found a few options at each store we went to that we both liked and agreed upon.  We saw a lot of plain rings, and right away knew that nothing about our wedding is going to be plain, and knew we wanted something a little more on the trendy side.  So the search began...

We probably had a favorite or two at each store and my favorites included one from Mayors and one from David Yurman.  I can't show you pictures of the ones we were thinking about for Mr. Hess because I feel like it would give TOO much away....c'mon people, mine was a no brainier so I have to save some element of surprise for you to see later down the road!  We still aren't 100% sure whether we want a super trendy ring for him, because we found some GREAT but still more traditional rings that we both liked.  What I can show you are some cool ideas that are definitely more trendy and contemporary options along the way that both Mr. Hess and I LOVED:

David Yurman bands - complete with black diamonds.

But don't get too excited...we haven't picked one out for him just yet and we still have a few more places to visit.  The important thing is that we figured out what we were looking for, and Mr. Hess showed me once again how great of a companion he is going to be.  What started out as a horrible morning ended with an amazing afternoon, so THANK YOU MR. HESS for being my rock, my best friend, and my soon-to-be husband.  Today was JUST what I needed...

What makes ring shopping even better? Panera Pick 2 & Lattes! YUM!

 128 days until our rings become OUR RINGS!!!!

Until Next Time,

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