Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TOP 10 Wedding Planning Sites

Mr. Hess and I have had A LOT of things we've been working on for the wedding lately, but to be honest they are all things that I didn't really want to share my blogpage because it would give tooooo much away about our BIG DAY.  A lot of what we are doing especially for our reception, we want to be a surprise for our guests. Since a lot of them frequent our site, I have to hold off on some things that are KILLING ME not to share...but don't worry - the wedding is almost 2 months away!  :)

One huge thing we have both been working hard on is getting our Bridal Party presents done...and this hasn't been an easy task by any means.  We both have known what we want to get our guys and girls, but knowing and actually picking out and purchasing things are different stories! I'm happy to say that after quite some time we are well on our way to finishing those and I can't wait to share with all of you...(Of course, you probably won't find out until after the wedding day, since that's when they will all see them...oops, sorry for the teaser there).

Other things we've been working on include decor for the ceremony & the reception, and that's something I definitely want to leave more on the private side.  I've given you the color scheme, Wedding Hints, location & the themes we're going with, so hopefully that will hold you all over for a little bit.... 

This is a pretty good picture of what it looks like when Mr. Hess and I plan online!

Okay, since I'm not being a very good at sharing all of those details, I am going to share with you my:

Each one of these listed below has helped me come up with cool ideas, get organized, or even get me through a hard place.  I have either heard about these sites from friends, read about them on blogs, or stumbled upon them in my planning adventures.   

So, in no particular order...here they are:
  1. www.weddingchicks.com/: I found this site through a friend &  have gotten TONS of ideas, inspirations and links to sister sites off of here.  I am pretty much in love with every real wedding that's featured here and I have even found a vendor or two through this one.
  2. http://weddinggawker.com/: another one of my friend's shared this one with me & suggested that I submit my blog to this site, and I will hopefully figure out how to do that!  Here you can find (again) TONS of ideas, pictures & blogsites that can help make your big day truly unique! I could seriously spend a day doing nothing but looking at stuff on here....lol.
  3. www.etsy.com/: my absolute hands down favorite website to order anything handmade from.  This one has definitely helped me pick out some adorable additions to my day, as well as gifts for my other friends who are getting married!
  4. http://my-wedding-concierge.com/: this is actually an iPhone app, but a full computer version is available and is absolutely amazing.  This site makes it soooo easy to find great vendors in your city & I LOVE how they feature blogs about every category right next to any search, from real brides.  TONS of great info and pictures to inspire you!
  5. www.weddingwindow.com: the website we used to create our very own wedding website!  This one is also helpful for planning, budgeting, and keeping your RSVP list straight.
  6. www.theknot.com: a great tool to use for keeping a budget, planning, vendor info & even creating your wedding website.  Here you can also find apps to download on your phone & endless tips to help you along the way!
  7. www.zazzle.com/: HERE is where we ordered our fabulous customized HBSH wedding stamps from.  They have tons of other accessories, labels, t-shirts, and more you can customize and order for your big day.
  8. www.weddingwire.com/: I found A LOT of helpful reviews on my vendors here.  I spent a good amount of time researching what others had to say about their companies before we hired anyone!  Also, this one is great for wedding planning, budgeting, and you can even chat with other brides.
  9. www.ourweddingday.com/: I've found a lot of helpful articles on this one topics like Wedding Day do's & don'ts, how to keep wedding costs down, and planning tips.
  10. www.savethedatemagnet.com/: HERE is where we got our Save the Date Magnets from!  I thought they were pretty cool, reasonally priced & if you click on the top left corner it navigates you to newandblue.com, a great blog site with lots of wedding related Q&A, pics and articles.
AND THERE YOU HAVE THEM!  I'm sure there are a lot more great websites out there dedicated to help brides & grooms plan their day, but those are the ones that I've personally enjoyed using the most.  On top of those, I frequent bride-to-be blogpages whenever I can and I've truly enjoyed sharing what I've learned with others as well.

So, I hope that ties you over for a few more days...Mr. Hess and I are still spending most of our time right now finishing up a lot of the "secret" details & will have much more to share with you verrrrrrry soon! And, I'll try to share some of those gifts I was talking about when they are revealed to their rightful owners... ;)

Until then, 73 days to go!

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