Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Well, followers - we've finally done it...we are on our way into the final stretch of the wedding countdown with: 

Can you believe it?!

We celebrated the 30 day to go mark today by going down to the courthouse and getting our marriage license!  Pretty exciting stuff!!!! As we walked up to the counter I could feel my heart was racing, almost like we were getting married right there, right then.  Of course, that was certainly not the case, but it just felt so "official" that we were actually getting married.  When asked to "sign here" under the Bride signature I had such a surreal feeling and it felt like everything was becoming a reality.  I probably took the longest I have to sign something, but I wanted to savor what was happening.

I absolutely can't believe it has been 11 months since Mr. Hess proposed, and it feels like the last year was a blur.  We have spent days upon days, months upon months and meetings upon meetings pin-pointing and deciding every little detail to bring our wedding day together.  I can say I have truly enjoyed the experience of planning a wedding, but I am more than anxious for the day to just get here already!!!  Being SO close to the wedding day, I have SO much to share.  Unfortunately, what I don't have is TIME.  So...with that said, I'll be posting and updating when I can throughout the next few weeks to fill you in on what I feel you really need to know....but I know it's not going to be as much as I usually do. (sad face).

Me and my Roadster...aka Groom stand in.
 I'm actually looking forward to posting MORE about the wedding after it finally happens and I am excited to let you all in on the secrets I've been hinting towards the entire road of planning!  Fear not friends and family, because after the BIG DAY gets here whether you were there or not, I'm going to be able to share EVERYTHING!!! YAY! :)

But for now, all I can do is pop in every now and then with some hints, stories, and in this case videos.  Here I am (in my happy place...on our balcony) talking about the month ahead.  These next 4 weeks are absolutely going to FLY BY and I hope you're ready for it!  I know I finally am!

30 DAYS TO GO!!!!

Until next time,

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