Monday, August 22, 2011

1 Month Anniversary!

Today, we have officially been MARRIED for one month!  The wedding went by in a blink of an eye, but the last month seemed to have gone by even faster...

For the last 30 days, Mr. Hess and I have embraced the married life, enjoyed setting up and organizing our home, and have finally gotten used to using the "husband" and "wife" terms in our every day vocabulary.  The last month has certainly been wonderful, but we have also endured some challenges quickly.  Mr. Hess went under the knife about two weeks ago for shoulder surgery and right when we got back from the honeymoon it was my new full time job to play Housewife, Personal Assistant & Nurse.

I loved all three of these roles.  In fact, I loved them a little too much.  A dream life for me would include being a full time housewife, mom & work for fun more than for money.  Of course it's a "dream"...but we are both really hoping that one day that will happen for us.  Being home with him for 3 days and nights really helped me expand my personal recipe book (in my mind, lol) and gave me an incentive to learn how to put actual meals from scratch together.  I spent 3 days organizing, cleaning, uploading honeymoon photos, making name it, I did it and yes, you can call me Susie Homemaker for it.  I've never known exactly what I've wanted to do as a career...and right now both of us are at a turning point in our lives where the sky is the limit.  We're both open minded and ready to take chances and even change zip codes or state license plates, if necessary.  Pretty crazy thoughts and discussions of endless possibilities have been going on over here.  But, don't get too excited - Mr. Hess is pretty much out of commission for at least 3 more months.  We'll still be doing what we're doing - settling in, and enjoying the married life here in Orlando for now.

To celebrate our 1 Month of being married together, Mr. Hess and I had a SUPER productive day!  First, let me preface some of the pampering part by letting you know something exciting:  

Tomorrow, we will be doing a "Rock the Dress" kind of photo-shoot together!  

My Bridal Bouquet, 2nd version: a little smaller (& cuter if you ask me!)

For a few more hours, we will get to re-live the wedding day and capture everything we didn't get to...

When the wedding day came around everything seemed to be perfect.  Of course there were a few things here and there that didn't go exactly like we wanted (there always will be)...but overall our wedding day was pretty much perfect to us except one thing: RAIN!  Right after the ceremony, it started storming and we weren't able to do any photos together outside.  This was a huge let down for both us and our photographer, because we had some fun shots in mind to try.  When Victoria (our wonderful photag) suggested we do a re-shoot we were all about it, and I can't believe the day is TOMORROW!

I'm not sure if I'm more excited about the photos we'll get for the shoot, or getting to get dolled up with my wedding day accessories and wear my wedding dress again!  All of those things seem pretty wonderful & certainly weren't expected.  After giving it a lot of thought, we decided I am going to do my own hair & make-up, scale down my bouquet to be a little smaller, easier to work with, and affordable, and provide Mr. Hess with a more fun & casual look than his rented grey tux he wore for the wedding day.  We wanted it to be obvious that this was a different day, since it was going to cost wayyyyyyy to much to try and re-create it.  This way, we are both looking forward to shooting some fun and more "us" shots, similar to our Engagement Photos, and won't be breaking our wallets (again!)

Getting the "bling" ready for our photos!

So, back to today - we started it off by both getting our hair done, and then headed over to the DMV, followed by the bank and...I am excited to announce I am OFFICIALLY a MRS. with a new last name and address and have the plastic to prove it! ;) 

To celebrate, we finished off the day with a trip to our fabulous florist, a pedicure and got our rings nice and shiny clean for the shoot tomorrow.  It's almost like I was getting ready for the wedding day all over again!

For a 1 Month Anniversary, it was very much an exciting "new life" day for me.  We've gotten a great start at a new life together and are celebrating by having more wedding photos done tomorrow...

That's a pretty perfect way to spend a day if you ask me! :)

Now time for some beauty sleep,
Mrs. Presh <3

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