Monday, August 1, 2011

HBSH Video Interview & Slideshow

It's officially been 10 days since the wedding and now the honeymoon has also come and gone. There is SO much that I'm dying to share with you all, but I'm afraid it's going to take me some time to upload all of the photos and video from the honeymoon as well as get the photos and video from our wedding until then I thought we could tie you over with sharing the video Mr. Hess and I had made for our rehearsal dinner.

We wanted to have a video slideshow to play in the background of our reception, but more importantly we wanted a video of us saying THANK YOU to our close friends and family who have been a part of our lives from when we practically born until we tied the knot.  We also wanted those at our dinner to get to know us a little better (for those on Mr. Hess's side and don't know me that well...or vice versa), as well as share the story of how we met and how the proposal happened with everyone who didn't get to hear.  When we got this idea in our heads we searched around online for different people's videos and found exactly what we wanted to do...but there was one problem: my computer is practically on it's last leg and doesn't have the right "iMovie" software for me to make my own video.  I tried and tried again, and it just wasn't going to work.  I'm hoping and praying the next big investment we can make is going to be in a brand new Mac desktop! <hint, hint - Mr. Hess> 

Just when I got past the idea that the video might not happen, Mr. Hess came to the rescue and asked a close friend of ours - Dewberry, video production genius - to interview us and put the video together.  I was so excited when found out it was going to happen and it turned out even better than I had hoped for.

for your amazing work & making most of our families teary eyed! ;)

Since everyone seemed to love it as much as we did, I decided to share it with you all who follow my blog.  Like I said before - it's going to take quite a while to get photos back from the wedding and I hope this helps break some of the anticipation some of you might have... Enjoy!

And, yes - you can figure out by now that both of us showed up!!! Can't wait to share more!

Until then,
Mrs. Presh & Mr. Hess <3

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