Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wedding Show...Yes or No?

A few Sundays ago, I got to experience my first BIG Bridal Show with my mom! Mr. Hess tagged along, but lucky for him he could only stay an hour before he had to be somewhere.

I have been looking forward to going to an official "Wedding Show" since I was a little girl, so I'm glad I got to fulfill my little girl dream! It was surreal to walk into a wedding show, knowing I'm the BRIDE, and my guy was the GROOM! Seemed to make it really official when they label it for you like that...

Mr. Hess and I at the WeddingTV Bridal Show!
As we walk in, we are greeted by a lot of bubbly people, ready to take our information for a raffle later on.  Unfortunately, I never got my raffle tickets - but who am I kidding - we never win any kind of raffle anyways! Oh well...

So we enter the show, look around, and immediately I get one feeling - OVERWHELMED! WOW! There are SO many people, and there is SO much going on!  So I took a deep breath, grabbed a snack (which always makes me feel better) and tried to stay focused.  We were on a find vendors, and to enter in everything to win anything.  Well, that was my misson - I think Mr. Hess came for the free food.  Just kidding...he is just as excited about this wedding as I am! :)

So we saw some florists, cake shops, wedding coordinators, jewlery, teeth whitening stations, honeymoon destinations, photobooths, department registries, and MORE! We've already gotten a venue, a date set, and a coordinator - so we were looking for anything and everything!

All in all, it was a helpful show to go to.  If you can be patient through the crowds and the lines, it's worth going to shows to at least see what vendors are out there and to meet with them in person.  From this show alone, we potentially have a photographer as well as a florist, and a photobooth! So, it feels like the 5 hours of craziness was worth it.  Just a few pieces of advice to take with you...
  1. Don't enter without your raffle tickets.
  2. Go to the booths with the food during the fashion show...the lines die down!
  3. Don't enter your name in EVERYTHING...just what you're really interested in.  I get e-mails upon e-mails and calls upon calls for things I don't really want to hear about now.
  4. Know the process is going to be a little annoying.  Knowing this at least you can be prepared, and not be thrown off when you get pushed and shoved!
  5. HAVE FUN! This is a once in a lifetime experience of being engaged and getting married - enjoy every part of it! :)
After the show, we were right down the road from the store I got my gown at (Priscilla of Boston), so I took my mom to pop in and see if they had any mother-of-the-bride dresses!  She found one, but we're still looking for the "ONE" for her.  It was so nice to spend some quality time with her, doing wedding stuff.  I'm looking forward to the next 8 months of planning with her!

Love you Mom!

Until next time,

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