Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wedding Planning Fools!

What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL weekend!!!

Today is November 14th, and I can say that after this month we can really start focusing on the wedding plans!  Up until this month especially, it has been abnormally busy for us both and we finally have a plan of attack to start booking vendors and getting things on the books.  Yesterday, we got to share 2 of our close friends from church's wedding.  Last weekend, I was a Co-Maid of Honor in my friend Brittany's wedding! (I dedicated a post entirely to this, that you will see in the next week or so...) So, you can say we haven't really been able to focus on our own plans until now.

We only have 1 more class left in our P.R.E.P. for marriage class at church, so we felt somewhat accomplished today.  This jump started a chain of events to really get the ball rolling today...

Finally figured out how to use and upload videos on here...check out our ride home from church - ready to start the day of wedding planning!

When we got home, I couldn't help but notice how absolutely gorgeous it is outside today! Wish we could have enjoyed the weather more by doing something outdoors, but we have a wedding to plan!

This is just me, being me....

Blog, check.  Call and e-mail people, check. Now, it's time to work on our wedding website! :)

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

250 days until the BIG DAY!!! 


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