Saturday, December 11, 2010

Every Bride Needs a Night OFF!

Here we are, getting into the middle of December already...

I'm sure there are a MILLION things I should be doing right now to plan for the big day (that 7 month mark is quickly approaching!) - but Mr. Hess and I decided earlier today that tonight is going to be a date night.  And on our "date night" we aren't going to spend money, and we are going to come up with a way to just enjoy each other WITHOUT talking about the wedding.  Seems kind of challenging, right?

Surprisingly, this was easier than we thought it would be, and that's exactly what we've done.  We started the night off by going to a Saturday night service at our church - and the message was great.  We sung Christmas songs during worship already, so that put me in the best mood ever!  Then, we came home determined to cook dinner at home, even though neither one of us wanted to cook.  So - we went back to our routes! Fish sticks, mac & cheese, and veggies.  That sounds like a great meal to me!  Lucky for me, Mr. Hess likes childhood food as much as I do.  Hey, we did spice it up by adding salsa and peppers to the mac & cheese - pretty fancy!

So, while Mr. Hess finishes up his ONE NBA Live BBall video game he is allowed to play tonight, I am baking cookies and writing a blog about NOT writing a  But if you think about it, this one doesn't really count...does it?! ;)

So what I've learned in the last month is this:

No matter how many things you need to check off of your ever growing "TO-DO" List....every once in a while you need to take a NIGHT OFF!  Enjoy a date night with your groom, and take a break from driving him crazy about what you want this color to be, what flower you want to put where and what flavor you want to be at your cake tastings.  I'm pretty sure I've added just about all the appointments in Mr. Hess's calendar that it can take for the next week with meetings and tastings, so he deserves it.

Oh yeah, that's a Christmas Tree Hat - WHY NOT?! LOL!
I think those cookies are ready - and now, it's movie time! :)

Enjoying a break while I still can,

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Lauren said...

those cookies were soooooo goood HB! umm the hat, also amazing! <3. xxxx


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