Monday, January 10, 2011

Engagement Photos Preview!

The day FINALLY CAME!!!!! On January 4th, Mr. Hess and I finally had our...

or E-Session for those in the wedding terminology world.

We had been debating ever since we started looking for photographers whether or not we were going to have an Engagement Photo Session with the company we chose, or to just have our friend Lauren do some snapshots of us.  When we finally found who would be capturing our big day, we decided that we were going to weigh out the options and see what the best option would be.  The package we booked included an E-session, so it made sense to use that as an opportunity to get to know our photographer, and see how she captures our style.  So with our friend's blessing....we finally decided to book our E-session with our wonderful photographer Victoria, from Elegant Imagery Photography.  We found them at the Bridal Show we went to back in October, and after seeing their work and modern, artistic style - we booked them within a month!  SO EXCITED!!!!!!

After how our E-session went, I couldn't be happier with the quality of photos, the colors, and the modern and edgy eye our photographer has.  She even brought her dad along to get some different angles and throw out more ideas for us to do.  I was very impressed with that added bonus, and I'm so glad we decided to use her for our session since I think it is really important to us to have chemistry with whoever is shooting our wedding.  Also, a huge requirement for me was to have great communication skills, because I've learned from my friends in the past how much communication and chemistry (or lack of), can have to do with how your photos turn out.  

Knowing our photographer's style, and our style - we decided to take some photos that were different form the normal beach, park, or empty field photo.  Since we met in Orlando, we wanted to have more of a modern, urban feel to our photos and chose to take the photos in different parts of downtown.  I'm excited to say we started out at a great Spanish, rustic looking restaurant, went to up and down staircases, over some train tracks, over to some graffiti walls and ended up on the rooftop of the Amway Center! Yup, the brand new Arena in downtown Orlando!  I don't know how he did it, but Mr. Hess pulled out whatever connections he had and really made me proud.  We even got some shots at the end on the actual Magic Court and in the stands.  I know I will love ALL of our photos, but I think some of those will be my favorite, just because the Magic have so much to do with how we met!

Our day is finally our Magic gear!
After a long day of shooting, we were excited to see how the photos turned out but were a little worn out to say the least...

We haven't gotten more than a handful of our photos back, but I wanted to share what we've seen so far!  CAN.NOT.WAIT to see how the rest turn out!!!! :)

Civiche - this pic was shot bouncing off of a mirror!

Of course, Mr. Hess thought of this pose idea...
So you can see, we are a little out of the "ordinary" when it comes to wedding stuff.   We want our ceremony to be more traditional, but when it comes to the reception, you can definitely say we are thinking "outside of the box!" and more on the fun side.  Both Mr. Hess and I have a contemporary style, and I'm happy to see it showed through our Engagement Photos:


Amway Center - rooftop, overlooking downtown Orlando!
I was very proud of Mr. Hess, who came up with a really creative way to do our "Save the Date" in on of our photos.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that turns out and we can use it right away to get Save the Date cards printed and sent over! AHHHHH!

Can't wait to post more when they are released!

193 days left....

Until next time,

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