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So, this has been like, what - my 20th blogpost this week?  Well, that's what happens when someone who's planning a wedding gets sick for a week BUT is also sick of "trying to get better" when at home.  The good news is, I actually feel like we've gotten A LOT done this week, given the fact that I wanted to almost call it a night at 8pm every, here goes another one! :)


After we booked our venue, my dad finally realized (CUE LIGHTBULB!) that he knows the owner of it, and has worked with him for years on different projects throughout Orlando!  So, naturally, after we found out he couldn't get us any more of a discount than we already finagled with them to book our reception, we talked him into taking us to his personal prop and decor warehouse - if you will, to browse, put together a "wish list", and hopefully knock a HUGE chunk of what it would cost to decorate our reception space.  The cool thing about our reception venue is that it is literally a blank slate.  You have to bring EVERYTHING in, from tables and chairs to bars and columns, YOU choose every single part of what goes in the room.  This could be a bit of a headache, but for Mr. Hess and I this was the PERFECT venue and opportunity for us to get creative for our wedding! This was about a month ago when we had this revelation of knowing somebody that could actually help us out with this, so I was excited today that the day was FINALLY here to see what Mr. Owner himself could do for us!

After work, Mr. Hess and I met my parents at a production company warehouse the owner partners with to decorate and make cool and customized decorations for big events all over FL!  I had NO IDEA what to expect when I walked in, but for some reason - I didn't really expect to see as much cool and unique stuff as we did!!!  Anyone who's ever been over to our place knows I frequently joke about the spare "bedroom" we have, which has turned more into a storage unit - or garage filled with the most random props and collection of things you would never guess you would EVER need to use for ANYTHING.  Well, picture that concept x 100 million BILLION GAGILLION and that's what was in this guy's storage unit!  Every type of party theme prop, color and style of column, wall decor, flooring, bar, chair, animal, frame, light, you name it was THERE!  And, ORGANIZED! I was almost more impressed by how this place was kept clean and organized over how much stuff they actually had...simply amazing.

So, finally when Mr. Hess got there I told him to take a deep breath because he was about to experience his own level of euphoria.  Like, LITERALLY - this place had Mr. Hess's name ALLLLLLLL OVER IT!!!!!!!!! There was SO much to look at, it was almost overwhelming, so at the end of it all we finally agreed that we would take it all in, asked some questions, and told him we would make a list of exactly what we were interested in.

Well, all I can tell you from this without giving too much away is 2 things:

1) We will definitely be getting a dance floor (duh!)
2) There will be some PRETTY COOL and UNIQUE things going on at our reception including lounge areas, bright colors, and some PRETTY AMAZING COCKTAIL TABLES....which is probably one of the things I am MOST pumped about!

And, other than that - I just don't think I could share any more!  It's all just WAY too much for me to get into and I don't wait to spoil anything!  All I can say is, our wedding most definitely has a contemporary, modern, and unique theme that I have never seen in person before.  I've gotten ideas here and there from shows on TV, and have seen some of the things we are doing on wedding shows, but never have I ever attended a wedding like the one we will be throwing for ourselves, and that's exactly what we wanted!


So, now - the wedding reception wheels are turning in my head and I can hardly stand it!  Can't wait to sit down with Mr. Hess and go over exactly what we are going to ask for from our new best friend.  As things progress, I might be able to throw a Wedding Hint or two out there, but for now all I can leave you with is a few photos:

This was the entrance to the storage unit - YUP not even in it yet...OMG!

Check out all of the different options in this one photo - CRAZY!

My mom sitting on the pink "rock and roll car" couch - THIS was pretty awesome!

And those photos don't even really begin to explain it...thing is, I will probably be using things from the rest of the photos I took so they became off limits from this blog!

Stay tuned for more Wedding Hints coming up...

174 DAYS TO GO!!!!!


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