Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let the Bridesmaid Dates begin!

I know I mentioned a few days ago that I got to go pick up my bridesmaid dresses!  Now, the only thing more exciting than that is actually getting to hand deliver them to my girls, one by one, and getting to see them get excited as well!

Today, I got to see my long-lost buddy, Missy - who I just realized haven't seen since Britt's wedding last November! Completely unacceptable!  So, we decided to meet tonight so she could get her bridesmaid dress and shoes - and also to catch up!  There has been so much going on with both of us - it's unreal how much you miss out on in just a few short months.

Missy and I go WAYYYYY back - all the way back to the age of 2!  Her, Britt, and I all met at the same age, at pre-school and pretty much grew up together.  These girls have been like my sisters and I am SO happy that they will be by my side for our BIG DAY.  We been known to each other for practically all of our lives as Horse, Mouse, and Bear - respectively.  I mean, really - how awkwardly cute were we?!

Britt, Me and Missy, I'm guessing about 4 or 5 years old?

There's a lot more pictures where that came from - but you just might have to wait for those bad boys...

The three of us have been through ups and downs together and have been through all the different stages of life thus far, with each other.  Now, Britt lives in AZ, so it's difficult for Missy and I to deal with the separation.  But, I know she is starting her own new life as a married woman and I couldn't be happier for her.  Luckily, we will get to see her again in March, and then again of for all of the wedding festivities!

So tonight, Missy and I dedicated our dinner date to the "3 Muskateers" as we call ourselves, and went to our favorite restaurant Olive Garden.  Don't ask me why - it just is.  OG is and will always be OUR place to have dinner and catch up.  We talked about the wedding (duh), boys, jobs, life - you know the usual.  It was so good to actually see her in person, and I'm starting to realize how much I need to actually SEE my girls.  Life gets so crazy, we forget to actually make the time and effort to spend some quality time with each other.  After chatting for a little while, we figured out a few things:
  • This year IS the wedding season for ALL of us.'s been a trend that keeps on going!
  • We miss Britt, and our 3M get togethers.
  • We don't make enough of an effort to see one another.
  • We both LOVE the bridesmaid dresses and shoes - YAY!
As we were walking out to our cars, we remembered that we didn't get to take a picture, so we attempted to - but we both agreed that it just wasn't working out in a flattering way.  So, to avoid that embarrassment for both of us I'll provide a different form of embarrassment that I'm sure the 3M will appreciate.  As promised ealier, I'll leave you with some pretty classic oldies but goodies:

Me, Britt and Missy - okay at least we're a little cuter here.
That's a pretty amazing cupcake dress if you ask me! :)

Missy, Britt and Me. 2nd Dance Recital - apparently Missy didn't get the chipmunk memo.

There we are at my birthday party - I think we were 4.  Ironic thing is I think I was afraid of clowns?

I mean, this is completely normal right?

This is almost too embarrassing to put up - almost.  NICE clothes girls!

Me and Missy - 4th or 5th grade. There are just no words for this recital costume...

I think that will do for now.  You've got to watch out for Missy, she posts oldschool pictures on Facebook out of nowhere! With her scanner, nobody's safe... ;)

So now we are 2 Bridesmaids down and 7 to go - and I will get to see Bridesmaid #3 this weekend, when LHG comes to stay with me for a night! Can't wait!!!

Love you Mouse!
 3 Muskateers Forever! :)



Pam Kuhn said...

OMG! OMG! OMG!! Check out that cute little guy sitting on the clown's lap at your birthday party. That's my Sparky! I think that's the party where I first met you and fell in love with your adorable curls and told Sparky at that time that you were going to be the one he married! Apparently, you didn't get the memo. But all kidding aside, I've enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to continuing reading about your wedding plans. I wish you all the best in the future - you're one terrific girl!

Precious Betty said...

Aw, Sparky! I remember he was the one at that party who kept pushing the clown horn over and over...haha! My mom gave me the video a year or so ago and I was cracking up! :)
Glad you're enjoying the posts, it truly is a way for me to keep track of what's going on and share with everyone the joys (and stresses) of planning!

Lauren said...

OMG, I am loving these pics!! And my brother sitting on the clown's lap! Hahaha that is priceless :-) You guys were so adorable. And still are!


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