Tuesday, January 18, 2011


PUP + update = PUPDATE! Good one, Mrs. Hess.

It's been about 3 weeks since we found PUP, the wonderful stray dog that Mr. Hess and I took in from the cold streets right before New Years!

Originally, we were going to keep him for a week TOPS and then find him a good home if we didn't find his original owners by then.  Well, we put up signs all around the neighborhood, asked around, and before we knew it a week went by and Pup was still there.  Then 2 weeks went by.  Now, 3 weeks have gone by and we still have PUP!!!!! Here's why...

He is SUCH a good dog!! I've mentioned before that we didn't want to keep him because we live in an apartment, and don't really have the time at home a puppy needs.  However, we have trained him well enough to know our scheudles and once we figured him out, he hasn't made a mess in the house since!  He is just the sweetest and most loving dog I have ever had.  He does tricks, plays nicely with our kitties, and seems to be so happy here.

So, for now, we still have Pup.  We still haven't given him an official name yet - so Pup it is.  If he stays with us another week, there will be a trip to the vets in his future....and maybe a few more trips to the pet store! :)

Watch out Mr. Hess - I can get pretty dangerous when I'm buying for animals I love...


184 days left....

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