Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sneak Preview to our Venue

First off, I have to mention how much I truly LOVE, LOVE the florist we hired.

He did my friend Britt's wedding last November, and since I originally met with him he's popped up in photos on my photag's blog, my friend's pics of their weddings, and all over Facebook.  It was easy to see that he is very talented, creative, and popular to book in the Orlando area.  After the consult, I was nervous that everything we talked about would be wayyyyy over budget.  Mr. Hess and I went over the odds and ends of everything and made up a "wish list" of everything we want.  I expected our quote, and this florist to be out of our league, and I was trying to cope with it.  When I got a proposal back from him, I was SO EXCITED to see that he was actually under the other florists we met with - and WAYYY MORE CREATIVE!!! Needless to say, I called him that afternoon to say "When can we come in and put down a deposit?" I was SO excited!!!!

Later that week, my mom met me at his office and we started going through our contract.  We eliminated things on our "wish list" that looking back at, we just didn't need.  This also gave my mom a chance to see what I was looking for and say "hey, I happen to have this and that in our storage", and knock a few more off of what we needed to spend with him.  Okay, I'll take it!  By the end of the meeting, I was so happy and relieved that we figured out our flowers.  I knew this would be a HUGE decision and I knew I picked the right guy for the job.

Check him out (but let me say, his website does not do him as much justice as his tagged Facebook photos!):

Another thing I LOVED about Lee is he has done a few weddings at both our ceremony and our reception venues, so he knows the spaces well!  Mr. Hess and I both came with tons of ideas, and it didn't take long for Lee to draw something we fell in love with!  He mentioned this was very similar to what he would be doing for a Bride in January at the same reception venue and invited me to come see what he had set up!  Of course, this is something I didn't want to miss - since our venue is at Heaven Events Center and is basically a clean slate.  In our reception space, EVERYTHING is draped in white, there are a few LED lights - and that's it.  Alone, the space isn't very impressive or appealing to have your wedding at, but Mr. Hess and I have some pretty wild imaginations and tend to think outside the box.  This venue seemed perfect for us to do whatever we wanted to do, and we knew the sky is the limit.

So today, my mom, my aunt, and my sister (MOH) came with me to scope the place out.  I couldn't wait to see what Lee had been talking about and what he did with such an empty space.  Well, the place was absolutely GORGEOUS when we got there, even though they still had a lot of work to do.  The centerpieces were amazing, the ceiling pieces were amazing, and I knew right away that THIS is very similar to what my wedding reception will look like.  AHHHHH, so excited to see this!

I can't give too much away, but I will sneak a pic or two for you:

Our Reception Venue - HEAVEN Events Center

Beautiful centerpieces by Lee Forrest

Me and my MOH enjoying the outside "cocktail area"

My mom and Aunt! :)

Right when you enter you see a tall staircase with a beautiful waterfall behind it!
And, that's all I can show you!!!!! The wedding today had a very cool ceiling piece that would be WAYYY to similar to what we would do for our wedding to post on here, so I can't give it away just yet.  I'm SO glad we got to take a sneak peak at the venue today, all done up for a wedding.  It puts me at ease knowing how the space can be utilized and it helps each time I see a different theme or concept used in the space. SO SO SO excited to see how everything we are thinking comes together!

After seeing the space, the girls in my family today all approve of the venue choice. Score!  At first, my mom wasn't sure this was the right route for us, but after actually seeing what we can do with the space, she is confident that we made the right decision.  THANK GOD! :)

It was so nice to spend the day with the girls.  After the venue, we grabbed some fro yo from the best place in town - my fav, Menchies!!!!! I bet you can guess which one of these is mine....

YUP - bottom Right...who spends $6 at Menchies? Seriously.

SO enjoyed the day with them, and we got a lot of stuff done.  I'm lucky to have them a part of our big day! I guess that's it for now, can't wait to show the rest of the pics to Mr. Hess when he gets back in town!

187 days until we see OUR venue set-up!!!!!!


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