Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Madness


Can't believe you're here, but I'm happy to see you! 

February really felt like it came and went with the snap of a finger, but I also felt like Mr. Hess and I got the ball rolling on some important projects - and the most important one being CATERING! We have gotten our final proposal from the last catering company we met with today, so we will be spending the remainder of the week crunching numbers and comparing everything to see which one will give us what we want and also give us the most for our money!  It's all about weighing your options, especially when it comes to choosing something as HUGE as catering.  By far, this is the most expensive factor of our entire wedding!

But enough about that, I'm sure there will be an entire blog post dedicated to it when we finally decide who we're going to go with and determine the menu!

So here we are, MARCH.  And boyyyy are Mr. Hess and I BUSY this month! Not only with our wedding plans, but with life in general...so I know it will fly by faster than February did!  Let's see...here's a little bit of a preview of what our month will consist of and an idea about what a handful of the next blog posts will most likely be about:

  • Mr. Hess and I travel to New Jersey the 9-12th.  He will be going for work and I will be going to help and to get a mini vacation!
  • My friend Melanie is getting married March 20th in St. Augustine!  I will be traveling up there for the day and coming back the same night. So excited for her!!! <3
  • Mr. Hess and I travel to Chicago the 21-24th, again for work.  Here I will be assisting him more, but will also enjoy a few fun nights out I'm sure (it's about time!)
  • My friend (and bridesmaid) Court is expecting a baby in April and her baby shower is right after the Chicago trip!

Fit in work, other work, planning, and appointments and WHEW there went March - see what I mean?

But you know what?  At least I know ahead of time what I'm dealing with here.  My goal is to stay on track and get alllll of our March TO-DO's checked off of our wedding planning list, even though we will be busier than normal.  If we can do that I will thoroughly be impressed, especially with YOU Mr. Hess!!!!  

So with that said, here are some things you can look forward to hearing and reading about hopefully by the end of this month:

  • Booking Catering & Determining Menu
  • Invitations
  • Ceremony Music
  • Gift Registry (AHHH!) :)
  • Booking our Honeymoon! (OMG - might be my favorite!)
  • Tuxes (Groom and Groomsmen)
  • Wedding Rings!!!! (Okay, I lied, THIS might be my favorite!)

And I think that's ENOUGH...I'm sure this will keep our hands more than full for now.  Trying to take one day at a time and not let myself get overwhelmed.  It actually seems like we are getting more into the FUN stuff now that all of the hard decisions are made: date, venue, colors, vendors, etc.  Once we get through this heavy TO-DO month it seems like it might start to slow down a little....or will it?! I guess only time will tell...

Hope you enjoyed the preview, hold on to your traveling pants Mr. Hess...we're going to be ON THE MOVE this month!

142 days and counting...

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