Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wedding Day Lashes!

I haven't really talked about putting my look together for the BIG DAY besides my dress (of course), my shoes (so excited about) and my accessories (can't WAIT to wear them!). Well, we all know besides getting together exactly what you're going to wear on the day you walk down the isle to be married, it can be just as important to put together YOUR look.  What am I talking about you ask? Hair, make-up, your color, nails, eyebrows, and everything in between.  I could go on and on about what I do on a weekly basis to feel my best inside and out, but for today I'm just going to share with you something I came across a few weeks ago to help complete MY Wedding Day Look:


I know I have a mixed crowd of viewers: some are very familiar with this concept, and others have never heard of such a thing.  So, here's a rundown on what I'm talking about:

Make a little more sense? I hope so.  Like I said in the video, I have been a wearing false eyelashes since I was in middle school for dance performances, but have been wearing them on my own for fun ever since high school.  They can make a HUGE difference in photos, and really make your eyes stand out like they are 10 times the size they really are.  To you this might not matter much, but I have noticed a world of difference in photos where I have the perfect set of eyelashes to compliment my look.

SOLD YET?! If so, the next step would be finding YOUR perfect set of false eyelashes.

Everyone's eye shape is different and what may fit my eye perfectly may not fit another as perfectly.  It takes a lot of trial and error to see what exactly looks the best for what occasion, and my best piece of advice on how to find your perfect pair of lashes is to BUY and TRY!  You can find false eyelashes at almost any conveince store including your local CVS or Walgreens, or even at the bigger supermarkets like Target or Wal Mart.  Sometimes grocery stores have them in their beauty isle, but your best bet after convience stores is to go to a Beauty Supply store, such as ULTA, or Sally's Beauty Supply.  They have the widest variety and are known to have specials on certain brands and styles of lashes.  When I'm in the mood to switch things up, I always check out a Sally's to see what's on sale and what I should try out next.  And of course, all of the higher end of make-up brands sell their own false eyelashes as well.  If you want to go all out, my first reccommendation is always and will always be MAC.  I swear by ANY of their products - especially eye make up.  But, if you're like me, you just can't justify spending $15-$20 on a pair of lashes when they are available elsewhere for a fraction of the price.

You may also be interested in purchasing your set of lashes as part of a starter kit, like the one pictured below.  I would recommend purchasing the DUO glue separately that I was talking about in the video, but if you're just getting used to the idea of wearing falsies, something like this should work to start with:

Once you've found the pair you want to try, it's time to try those puppies out.  Here are some instructional videos I found on how to apply your own false eyelashes - and my biggest piece of advice here is to be patient.  It doesn't always come as an easy thing to do for everyone, so just keep at it and eventually it will become as easy as putting on mascara.

A few HOW TO videos to check out:

Here is a little bit of a different technique, including using a brush to help you actually push down the lash:

Seems pretty doable right?

I also mentioned in my video the new trend of Eyelash Extentions!  You know by now that I have not personally tried these out myself, but I know plenty who have and LOVE it.  The only issue I have with this is the amount of maintence it requires to upkeep.  In order to keep the lash extensions looking their best it requires fills, just like acrylic nails every 2-3 weeks.  But hey, if you have the time and the money to do so, by all means this would be the easiest way to go!

Here is the website where the girls I know go to get their lashes done:

And if you don't live in Orlando, simply google eyelash extensions followed by your city name, and there should be plenty of locations you can choose from to get a set of your own.  Who knows, maybe one day I will have both the time and money for the higher end of fake lashes...but for now, I'm sticking with what I know...the cheapies but goodies!

I hope this has proved somewhat informative to anyone who has thought about trying out false eyelashes before.  And if it wasn't?! I got to show you the exact pair I will be wearing on our BIG DAY!'s a win win for me! ;)

As always, let me know if you have any questions, and I'll be checking in with more tips and updates soon.

Until next time,

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