Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gift Registries: Double Check!

For the last two months, GIFT REGISTRIES have been on our "TO-DO" list and have been something we just couldn't seem to get motivated "TO DO".  I have heard about the mixed emotions that go with the infamous task of registering for your wedding: the good, the bad and the ugly.  From feelings of excitement about getting to pick out your ultimate "I WANT THIS!" list, to feelings that became overwhelming and exhausting at "WHERE THE HECK DO WE START?," Mr. Hess and I definitely went through the roller coaster of emotions on this one.

First things first, we had to decide where we wanted to set up our wedding registries.  We knew we wanted to do more than one, but not too many to confuse or overwhelm our guests either.  Finally, after debating back and forth we decided to go with Macy's and Crate & Barrel.  We thought Macy's would be a great department store choice because it's found in almost every city of where our guests are coming from AND they always have sales going on.  Crate & Barrel was both of our first choices because they have such great kitchen gadgets, cool colors and unique home decor selections!  We loved everything about this store and it was so hard not to scan EVERYTHING.  You know that saying someone was like a "kid in a candy store?" Well, I think we should now coin the term it was like "a scanner happy couple at Crate & Barrel!" lol.

Getting ready for a day of bar code scanning and decision making!

Now that we knew where we wanted to register, it was time to finally buckle down and do it.  We decided to break each store up by a day so that we didn't get tired or drained from the process, and let me tell you it can go from fun to exhausting in .2 seconds!  So, there we were Day 1 - ready to register with Macy's:

Picking out our glasses & stemware seems to require a lunging stance.

We show up with about 3 hours of time to spend and walked upstairs to the Wedding Registry part of the store.  We didn't know what to expect, but what we found was definitely an experience.   We walked up to the desk and found a pleasant and overly excited woman, whose name we will keep to ourselves.  OH MY GOSH - it was so funny though..Mr. Hess and I could hardly keep straight faces while we were going through the process of paperwork and signing up for everything.  The lady was such a sweetheart but was extremely giggly and told us everything we would ever want to know about her family weddings.  The only way to describe this is through a video re-enactment, so...enjoy:

Pretty funny right? We thought so...we found ourselves talking like that for the rest of the night!

But, the important thing is, Macy's was a success! We knew this would be the bulk of our registry items because the store has more departments and things to choose from.  A big part of why Mr. Hess and I chose this store also over others is because we both fell in love with a bed set months ago that's there.  It's from the Hotel Collection and it's gorgeous.  There's no way we could justify spending the amount of money required on it to purchase it ourselves, so....why the heck not, we put that guy on our registry! From the sheets to the decorative pillows, that's probably one of the most exciting things on there for us.  We also registered for some essentials like a great pots & pans set, bathroom towels, a coffee maker, cooking pans and a vacuum mop.

Feeling good about Macy's we were ready to start Registry Day #2 @ C&B.  We figured this one would be a little easier because we already got most of the big stuff out of the way and were excited to hit the store.

Mr. Hess says LET'S GO already!

I have a confession. I LOVE this store.  Like, if I could literally scan one of everything in here, I would...and maybe two times.  Everything is so freaking cute & colorful!  Picking out exactly what we wanted was a little challenging because at times it was tricky to narrow things down, but I think we did a pretty good job.  

I don't think the HBSH was already there Mr....<3

This represents what forks we would each pick out to represent our bite sizes, lol.

You can say we had some fun with this, which I am so happy to report. I have heard crazy stories about registering from different friends who have gotten married recently, and made sure to steer clear of a few stores for that reason.  I would recommend these two stores to anyone asking....great product choices and great (and entertaining) service!  When I sit back and realize what exactly we were doing it is still pretty exciting to me.  We are picking out the gifts for a wish list that our guests will hopefully go off of to help start our new married life together.  Yes, the day(s) got a little overwhelming and exhausting, but the purpose of this is for one pretty important end result: MARRIAGE!  I can't believe the day is getting so close and picking out all of these things really helped me envision our new life together in just a few short months.

Kind of blurry, but our "WE'RE DONE" picture at Macy's!

C&B - double check! :)

Getting more excited every day & 88 days to go!

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