Friday, April 22, 2011

Mr. Hess says: "FEAR the BEARD!"

Since the beginning of April, you might have noticed something different about Mr. Hess.  Along with the players and staff members, he has participated in rooting on our Orlando Magic Basketball team by growing out his BEARD!  Not just growing it out....oh no....but not even trimming or shaping it.  Dwight Howard and the other players came up with the idea of the superstition of growing out their beards and not touching them until the 2011 NBA Playoffs are over, and of course being the sports fanatic that he is, Mr. Hess was all about it.

Personally, I am all for Mr. Hess rooting for our team and in past years he has dyed his hair BLUE & WHITE to show his spirit (THANK GOD I dodged THAT bullet this year...) but to be honest, I'm just not a fan of beards.  A little scruff is fine, but this is getting a bit out of control.

Fortunately, for me (and us) the latest the Playoffs could possibly go in mid-June, so that is plenty of time before the wedding.  It's guaranteed by then that I will have my clean shaven, soft skinned Mr. Hess back...but until then he has just one message for you:

FEAR the BEARD!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah....I know...we're goofballs.

Just for fun and in spirit of the NBA Playoffs, here's some of our

NBA Playoffs 2009

NBA Playoffs 2010

Yup, he definitely went into the "hood" for this one.

So you can see...he is pretty hardcore when it comes to the Playoffs and supporting the Magic!  Looking forward to seeing how we do tonight and in the rest of the post-season!


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