Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It's been a little while since I've updated you on the progress of Roadie and his treatments, and thought that since we are just on our way out the door to go to the vets this would be the perfect time to keep you in the loop.

Best buds...they pretty much do everything together these days.

"Ro-Ro" as I call him has been nothing but adorable this last month and has truly earned his stay with us.  We used to keep him on the balcony or in the bathroom during the daytime because in the beginning when we left him for even a half an hour we would usually come home to a tornado!  It took a little while to trust him, but we've been really working hard at training him and as of the last 2 weeks I am happy to report that he has done great with staying inside!

Because we are gone so much (I's sad that we really aren't home much at all, but still I think better than him being on the streets...untreated) we unfortunately have to leave him home by himeself (if you don't count the cats) for sometimes 12 hours at a time.  Shockingly - and knock on wood - since we've given the guy the benefit of the doubt and let him roam around & stay inside when we're not home he hasn't made a mess indoors...ONCE!  He hasn't gone to the bathroom OR drug out anything and destroyed it, and believe me people THAT IS PROGRESS!!!!! Looks like our little man is growing up.... ;)

Hear all about Roadie's progress, and see what the little booger has been up to!

Stay tuned for more posts this week!

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