Friday, June 10, 2011

HBSH Wedding Invitations!

Today we got our first RSVPs back, so you know what that means...
our invitations have officially made it to their new homes!!! 

First, let me just throw out there that I think our wedding invitations turned out absolutely PERFECT!!!! I'm not trying to toot my own horn here - by any means, but I am very excited to say they turned out EXACTLY how we wanted them!!!!! What Mr. Hess and I were thinking of what our perfect wedding invitation would be has actually transferred from inside our heads, now onto paper and into our guests hands!  Achieving EXACTLY what you wanted in your wedding invitation is not something everyone can say actually happens, and I am SO beyond excited that after all of the man hours of talking about them, editing them, messaging our invitations girl back and forth, & arguing with Mr. Hess (hehe) finally paid off.

So without further adieu, and trying to strategically cover up the details not everyone in cyberspace should know...

here are our official HBSH Wedding Invitations:

I wish I could put the actual invitation up on here, but I just can't! Don't want any crazies running around crashing our wedding...ya know?! lol.  But, to give you an idea of what's on them here's a rundown...

For the main wedding invitation, we used a modern approach of run-on paragraph writing to give the details of the ceremony.  Our lovely invitation lady, which I will list all of her information down below, came up with this suggestion for us when we told her about our fun & contemporary wedding style.  We chose to announce ourselves, rather than having our parents announce our marriage for the same reason.  I LOVED the wording at the top which reads "We invite you to share in the celebration of our marriage"....below that was the monogram she created with our names that turned out absolutely perfect! Here is a snapshot of what it looks like, except on the real one it also lists our last names in a script font:

Over and under the names there is a line of outlined, lime green & black circles.  They were randomly colored in and there was a touch of bling to the each of the 3 lines on the page by adding a crysal rhinestone.  The bottom listed the reception to follow in a pink script font, followed by the name of the reception venue.  It's hard to do the invitations justice on here, because in person the colors are PERFECT!!!! The pink is a bright & shiny pink and the green is the exact lime green color used in our wedding.  Kudos Angela (that's her name) for special ordering that shade and making that happen!

In front of the main invitation card, you will see the CELEBRATE card & the RSVP Postcard.  We decided to do one enclosure card with the reception information, as well as a listing of our wedding website.  We decided it would be easier to give guests directions at the end of the ceremony rather than take up all of that space on the invitation cards, so we simply put the venue information & included the website so they can answer most of their questions by going to it.

Here is a snapshot (but again, not doing it justice) look at the top of our celebrate card:

Lastly, we decided to do an RSVP postcard rather than the traditional mail-in envelope back to us.  We wanted this for two reasons: 1) being a little more fun (& maybe something people haven't seen before) and 2) stamps for this were 29 cents each rather than 44! So, once again...great suggestion Angela!  Here's a look at what we're talking about:

Just fill it out & you're good to go!
Oh, and how could I almost forget to tell you we had our logo put on the return address of the envelope and finished it off with our customized stamp?!

When the design work was done I was confident that they would turn out great, but I had no idea how OBSESSED I would become with them when I saw them finished and in my hands.  I am so happy with how everything turned out and I know Mr. Hess and I both got exactly what we were hoping for!

As promised and to give her the HUGE amount of credit that she deserves, here is the information on who we used to get our wonderful invites:

The company is called Paper Charm Custom Design, and the owner's name is Angela Palacio.  She is an absolute delight to work with and wants nothing more than to give you exactly what you're looking for in your wedding invitations, as well as many other customizable objects.  We just met with her today about our ceremony programs and other little things you will see here and there on our wedding day and YUP - they're all going to be done by her!  We branded our wedding ceremony and reception with the same theme and colors, and she has done a great job keeping that consistent throughout anything we create together.

You can contact her & see more of her work here:

I can't wait to see how the rest turns out!!! Thanks, Angela for helping us create our perfect wedding invitation!!!!  As you can see, I'm pretty excited that those are done and getting the first of our RSVPs back today made our wedding day feel SO REAL!!!! It's's happening and it's almost a month away now!!! I'm starting to run around like a crazy woman, but I know it will all be worth it in the end.  For now, this is what keeps the great big smile on my face...

Stay tuned for more updates, stories & photos of how wedding planning is going now that we're getting "down to the wire!"

42 days and counting...

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