Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday and Family Time - What better way to celebrate than a Low Country Boil?

FINALLY! A weekend that I can take to spend some time with my long lost family! :)

I had a short work commitment this morning until early afternoon, but the rest of the weekend is MINE! :)  We have our very last day of our P.R.E.P. for Marriage class at church  tomorrow, I get to go to my niece's swim meet, and I also meet one of my Bridesmaids for lunch - HM! Before today though, I spent the entire day yesterday with 2 of my girls to celebrate Court's husband's 30th Birthday!

We showed up to her house about 3pm, and the room immediately was filled with big hugs and "HOW ARE YOU?!" had been forever since I got to take a day and just hang with my family.  Court isn't technically family, but I have known her since I was in diapers, so we will often refer to each other as cousins.  BTW - Court is due with her very first baby next April, I CAN'T WAIT until the little one is here, and today was the very first day I got to see her little baby bump! SO CUTE!!!!!!

After a hug from everyone, I enjoyed the afternoon by hanging out with my MOH, (my sister), her family, my parents, my brother and his fiancee, my grandma, and all of Court's family and friends! It was SO nice to just relax, eat, and catch up with everyone.   Before dinner was ready, I got to spend some time in the backyard with my niece and nephew.  They were playing soccer with Mr. Hess when all of the sudden there was a problem.  Check out how Mr. Hess solves this ball catastrophe - very clever!

Besides loving the family time, did I mention what we had to EAT?!  Check out this set-up! I have never really eaten a Low Country Boil before, but I LOVED IT!!!

Low Country Broil! Shrimp, Sausage, Potatoes, and Corn...YUM!
My Grandma, Mom & Dad enjoying the food!
Clean up was a cinch - notice how it's served, on newspaper, and it was DELISH! Two thumbs up from this girl...and as for the cake? Two more thumbs up...


Well, I'm home - STILL full and still smiling from such a great day.  I can't wait for us to find a house of our own and be able to invite people over for a boil in our backyard.  One step at a time, I guess.  Wedding: working on it.  House: casually looking around.  New Car: Found it! my dreams! ;)

Until next time,

Me and my sister (MOH!) <3

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