Friday, December 3, 2010

From The Singing Christmas Trees to Christmas Caroling!

Tonight we went to go see the annual production of The Singing Christmas Trees.  Last year, I got to be in the show - so I was excited to go and see the show as a spectator.

"O Holy Night" - The Singing Christmas Trees 2009
The Trees is a tradition in Central Florida, and is put on every year by our home church - First Baptist Church of Orlando. The show features a huge choir, full orchestra, worshipful dance, powerful drama, and a beautiful display of 250,000 lights!  The background of the show is made up of 2 40-foot Christmas Trees filled with a choir from top to bottom and the show tells the Greatest Story of All...the Story of Jesus Christ.  I thoroughly enjoyed performing with the cast and dancing for the Lord, but this year we have had too much on our plate in the last few months to permit me to commit to rehearsals.  So I turned in my dancing shoes this year, and planned on going to enjoy the show.  I was so proud of the cast, and felt blessed to be a part of such a great production.

Me with the dance troupe girls in last year's production!
My Parents and Grandma joined us for the show this year!
I plan to be a part of the dance troupe in the future as much as I can, but for now all I can do is go and support them.  After the show, we were definitely in the Christmas spirit, and did a little bit of Christmas Caroling in the car.  It got pretty ridiculous, but this might have been one of the best songs in the car.  It was getting pretty good, so of course I got the camera out...

Later on, we decided to be dorks and do our version of Singing (in front of the) Christmas Trees! Seriously, we are so weird! But I love it! :)


Hope you enjoyed the Christmas Singing as much as we did!  Now time to get crackin'...

Until next time,

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Brooke said...

Ok so I could only watch the last video, but must say it was definitely entertaining! Glad to know that Heather is a TRUE Hesington and farts in public!!! Love you guys.


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