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Today is our 5 MONTH MARK, and boy does the time keep flying by! I know I am going to say this each month, but REALLY....the time seems to go by faster and faster!  Since today hits another reality check in my brain that we really are getting married, I wanted to share a few updates by video.  I normally do a Monthly Focus video at the beginning of the month, but in lieu of doing 2 similar videos pretty close to one another (booooring), I combined the March focus video AND the 5 month update into one video update!  You can thank me later for not wasting your time.... ;)

I'm sure you've gotten the basic ideas of what's been going on in the last month and what we're hoping to get done in the crazy month ahead!  The challenge for Mr. Hess and I will definitely be staying productive even though we will be traveling a lot of the month!  YOU HERE THAT MR. HESS?! No excuses! :) But regardless of what we DO or DON'T get done, I'm getting to the point of truly enjoying this entire process! We've gotten a lot of the headaches out of the way and I'm SOOOOO excited to do some of the TO-DOs for next month, especially register for our wedding gifts and pick out our wedding bands...it's almost like getting the best double birthday present(s) ever!

And as far as the wedding dress hanger goes, I posted an entire blog post about that - and I'm SO happy it's finally here!!!! :) I got it from etsy.com (my favorite handmade accessory website), and to read alllll about it, here's the link to that post: http://misspreshnmrhess.blogspot.com/2011/01/bride-groom-hangers.html

As I mentioned in the video, I hired a company called Weddings in the City to help the day of our wedding day run as smooth as possible.  WITC is well known in Orlando and know exactly how to help you organize how you're going to get everything done for your big day!  My friend Britt had Ashlie Shea as her wedding coordinator, and after I met her and went through Britt's wedding day with her I knew I didn't need to look any further...this coordinator really knows what she's doing!

Here is the time line information I was talking about in the video:

The company is centered around "the city" and the packages go off of characters from the TV Show Sex and the City - which is one of my favorites!  Mr. Hess and I decided to go with the day of coordination package, or the Miranda, so we could be as involved as possible in everything to do with planning (DUH!, lol).  I knew hiring a coordinator for the day of was an absolute MUST, just to have a piece of mind that everything WILL be done and will run perfectly...and if something is missing or doesn't turn out exactly as planned, I'm confident she will do her absolute best to fix it and I probably won't even know about it! :)

For more information about WITC, check out their website:

By now you know I am trying to be as organized as possible.  Well, what can I say? I'm a planner, and now I've turned into a planner and a blogger.  After the feedback I've gotten so far from sharing all of our experiences with you, you will no doubt see plenty of posts to come, as well as different blogs from me throughout the alllllll important milestones of our lives! I already have one HUGE topic to go off on after the wedding is over, and no it's not babies...yet.

Hope you enjoyed the updates, CAN'T BELIEVE we're now under the 6 month mark!


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